Friday, August 25, 2006

One Reason

You go to the same grocery store for one reason. You eat at the same restaurant for one reason. You keep hiring the same housecleaning service for one reason.

Or, you change grocery stores all the time. Or, you change restaurants all the time. Or, you change housecleaning services all the time. If you do, you don't have one reason.

That's how simple it is. A consumer decides to give a business hundreds of dollars just because of one simple reason. It could be that the grocery store is close to home. It could be that the restaurant serves your favorite dish. And it could be that the housecleaning service shows up on time every time.

In our case, we have one big reason. It's the pay for performance program. People keep hiring us to clean their home because they know that we care. Our proof is that we let our customers tell us what to pay our employees.

That being said, some customers keep hiring us for all sorts of other reasons. We show up on time every time. We pick up the phone first when they call for a quote. And some people hire us because we're close to their home (that one still doesn't make any sense to me).

You can't make a consumer listen. You can't force a consumer to hire you. But you can give that consumer reasons to hire you. Give them enough reasons and they may need you for that reason.

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