Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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Ok, you now know that Two Maids & A Mop isn't perfect and we don't make everybody happy. Here's our take on the story.

1. We increased our rates so that we could afford our new pay for performance plan. Some customers thought that we just fattened our wallets. Our average wage increased from $6.50 per hour to $9.00 per hour in one week. I don't know how else to explain it??

2. If there's one certainty about our company, it's this: we will not send the same people every time. Yeah, we try to make this happen. Heck, it makes our life easier too. But it's impossible and impractical. Some of our customers receive the same two people every time. Most don't. There's certain realities that you must know. This is reality #1.

3. The customer mentioned three complaints. We messed up. We're not happy, but it happens.

4. The customer spoke to me about complaints. At the time, she was still very unhappy with our price increase. I listened. I promise you. I want to listen to you. Maybe I was having a bad day, I don't know???

5. She's found someone else to clean her house. That's fine. I understand because we're not for everybody. But I find it interesting that the new cleaning lady charges more than we do.

If you're a current customer, please keep providing feedback. We want to hear every thing that you have to say about our services. You can email (two_maids@yahoo.com), you can fax, or you can simply call us. This customer no longer needs us, but we can learn from our mistakes since she voiced her concerns.

If you're a potential customer, let this serve as an example. We need constant feedback from you in order to make the pay for performance plan work. Without your help, we're just like everybody else. This customer said it best, "The same time you had your rate increase you also initiated your grading system. This could be a good thing - if it worked." There's no reason to hire us if you don't plan on participating in the pay for performance plan.

If you're this upset customer, let me apologize. I wish that we could have done more to prove to you that we really do care more than anyone else. We failed miserably and we're embarrassed.

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