Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We're Not For Everybody

I'll prove it to you. Here's a letter from a very dissatisfied customer.

"This letter is to let you know what my dissatisfactions have been with your company and my reasons for discontinuing your employment. I have been a client of yours for 5 or 6 years - probably longer.

My biggest complaint started with your rate increase. A WHOPPING 22%. Rate increases are expected almost everywhere. I don't live with my head in the sand. All of your excuses for this size of an increase will not hold water with me. And don't tell me about dissatisfied employees - I work in a Human Resources environment.

I changed my schedule with Two Maids and A Mop from bi-weekly to monthly. I used to have the same people every time. Then you started sending different people every time. For the last year I have probably had the same people (or one of the two) who had been here before two times all year.

In July 2006 I told the 2 who were here that morning that I had company coming and they should do a really good job in the living areas. I came home to find they had not touched the den. I had to get my daughter over here to do the den floors for me .

In June your good cleaners did the same thing with the kitchen floor. I have scatter rugs in the kitchen and they had not been moved - vacuumed - or shaken out. I also had to change all the lightbulbs in the chandelier because the duster they used got burned on the hot light bulbs. This really made my house smell good!

Then there was the time one of these ladies asked me for a tip!!! I understand she is no longer with your company but after that I started hiding the tray I toss coins into.

The same time you had your rate increase you also initiated your grading system. This could be a good thing - if it worked. The first time I called with a rating of less than perfect I was given the third degree by the gentleman I was talking to. My impression of this conversation was that I must have done something that would have caused this rating - it certainly could not have been any of his employees. There after my complaints were almost non-existant.

It has been a long time since I have seen evidence of anyone from your office coming to critique the crews work. Perhaps your monthly clients don't rate this service.

Your company was very good about having the crew at my house before 7:30 AM.

I have been very unhappy with having a new crew every month. I feel your company has not been trying to keep me as a client since I complained about your 22% rate increase.

I have hired someone else to do my cleaning and will no longer need the services of Two Maids and A Mop. Yes, I will be paying more for their services - however - I have seen her work and she knows how to clean a house!!"

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