Thursday, August 10, 2006

Working In The Lab

I used to work here everyday. That's me to the right. Doesn't my lab coat make me look smart?

In my old job, I talked about particle sizing, mercury porosimetry, surface area measurement, and gas adsorption. I talked to professors, chemical engineers, and scientists on a daily basis. I was the manager of a contract laboratory. And I loved it. And least the business aspect of it.

I now own a maid service company. About as far from mercury porosimetry as you can get. Or is it?

My job was to perform a satisfy someone's needs. That's exactly what we do here at Two Maids & A Mop. We satisfy someone's needs. We make people happy.

A service is a service. No matter if you're cleaning a toilet or cleaning a beaker. You're job is to serve that customer and to satisfy that customer.

I learned a lot at Micromeritics. Yeah, I learned that you can eliminate atmospheric vapors from a small particle by purging the particle with helium. But my most important lesson dealt with a simple concept. Customer Service.

People like being satisfied. No matter how smart they are.

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