Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At Least We Say Hello

If you live in Panama City and you received a Two Maids & A Mop door hanger last Friday, you got it from me. I must have walked ten miles that day. The most important thing that I learned last Friday was that I need a new pair of shoes. My feet were killing me.

I also noticed that a bunch of people hire lawn service companies. I mean tons of them. My rough guess is that at least 50 homes in this 400 home neighborhood received lawn care last Friday. And that was just one day.

What intrigued me was the fact that not one of the lawn service companies interacted with their customer. They drove up, unloaded their equipment, cut the grass, stuck a flag in the ground, and moved on to the next home. All in about fifteen minutes.

Here's a service that charges more than we do for our services. Yet they never even attempt to speak to their customer. What if they just knocked on the door and said hello? What if they just left a thank you note? What if they just tried to show the customer that their home was more than a fifteen minute stop?

They don't do any of this because nobody else does any of this. Everybody in the lawn service business does the same thing. They cut grass. That's their job.

Sometimes I think that our job is difficult. Cleaning a home seems to be a lot harder than cutting the grass. Making a mistake or forgetting to clean something is easy to do. But then, at least we get to talk to the customer. At least we get the chance to show the customer that we care. At least we get to say hello.

Serving the customer is one thing. But providing customer service is another.

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