Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How A Reputable Cleaning Service Rolls

You've received the fliers on your mailbox. You've read the yellow page ads. You've even heard what your neighbors have said about their current housecleaner. In the end, what have you discovered?

Nothing. You really don't know anything until you've seen the work first hand. Hiring a cleaning service isn't difficult. You can hire one within five minutes because there's so many to choose from. So, what can help you filter through all of the junk cleaning service companies?

Here's what every reputable cleaning service should be providing their customers.

1. Guaranteed Arrival. In other words, your cleaning service should be expected to be on-time all the time. The only exceptions are traffic nightmares such as car accidents and bad weather. Make sure that the cleaning service tells you how they'll be on-time every time.

2. Bonded. Insured. Licensed. Workers' Compensation. I've discussed this before. It doesn't mean a lot. But it's sort of like bathing. Just because you bath doesn't mean that you're cleaner than your neighbor. But if you don't bath. Well, that says a whole lot about you.

3. Guaranteed Satisfaction. Every reputable cleaning service should stand behind its work. The fact is that every reputable cleaning service will make a mistake eventually. When it happens, a company has two choices. They can run and hide. Or, they can admit their mistakes and fix them. The choice seems logical, but you would be surprised how many times I hear about the first scenario.

4. Quality Control. Every reputable cleaning service should have a quality control program. Most don't. Most think QC stands for "quit complaining". There's lot of ways to do it. We used to hire QC inspectors. Some people make one of the team members inspectors. Two Maids & A Mop uses the pay for performance plan. You know which one I thinks works the best.

5. Training Program. Every reputable cleaning will need to hire people. Sometimes they need to hire a lot of people. It happens to the best of us. When it happens, there needs to be a process set in place to train the new people. Cleaning isn't rocket science. But training is essential. An uneducated employee results in shoddy work. An uneducated employee is the result of poor organization.

These are the five basic things that a reputable cleaning service should provide. Use this filter to reduce the number of cleaning companies that you hire.

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