Monday, September 18, 2006

The Over The Counter Maid

What if you had to leave your home and drive somewhere in order to hire your housecleaner?

Imagine if housecleaning services were sold all over town. You could buy them at your local grocery store, dollar store, mall or garage sale. Where would you decide to buy your housecleaner?

Would it be at the dollar store? The price is right here. The quality of the dollar store product is secondary to the price of the dollar store product. So, these housecleaners are half-priced; but they're also clearance items from some other store that couldn't sell them. These maids used to work for a professional cleaning company, but they're now on their own.

Would it be at the garage sale? The price is most certainly right here. You get to buy the neighbor's old housecleaner for pennies. Yesterday's junk is tomorrow's treasure. But finding that treasure is akin to a needle in a haystack. Of course, you could buy a bunch of garage sale housecleaners and just test them out. These maids aren't really maids. They just need work, but they're cheap.

Would it be at the grocery store? The price is fair here. But there's lots of housecleaners to choose from. You've got the low-cost store brand and the big-name brands. You can buy the housecleaner for just one day or you can buy the housecleaner for weeks at a time. The grocery store is a physical yellow page directory.

Would it be at the mall? The price is not right here. You're paying a premium for this housecleaner. But this housecleaner is at the mall. Your neighbors like to buy these maids because they want you to know how much they paid for them.

This all sounds ludicrous and silly. But it happens everyday. The only difference is that you pick up the phone instead of your car keys.

I'm betting that your purchasing decisions would be different. What do you think?

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