Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Pizza Delivery Man

There's a story from our local paper that details how a pizza delivery man has formed the nation's first pizza delivery union. He started it because he wanted a raise. He wanted another quarter per hour. And he didn't get it.

But he did start the union. And now his company will more than likely pay him and his coworkers more than just another quarter. The moral of the story.

It's "we versus them". This pizza guy looked at the business as a foe; rather than a friend or partner. A foe doesn't want his enemy to succeed. A foe wants to fight his enemy. In this case, the enemy is the employer. And that sets up this pizza business for failure.

Your employees better look at you as a friend. Friends fight for their friends. Not against them.

Friends don't like it when their friends fail. That's why they're your friend in the first place. Look at the picture in the top left corner. He looks pretty happy.

That's because his employer is his foe. And he's winning the battle.

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