Thursday, September 28, 2006

When "The Man" Is Your Friend

Just yesterday, I posted a story about how employees should view their employer as a friend. Viewing your employer as a foe never results in any type of success.

Now read this article.

Listen to some of the these comments...

"He's always taken care of his crew people," said Lutz, who left the restaurant briefly. "That's why I came back."

"He remembers his crews, their families, their names," said the 11-year employee. "He remembers our anniversaries at the store, and he sends a bouquet of flowers."

"He treats everybody who works for him like they're part of the family," Appleyard said. "He's one of the most caring people I know."

If your daughter worked for you, what would you do on her birthday? What would you do when she made a mistake? What would you do when she asked for a raise? You'd treat her with respect. Because she's part of your family.

Family. That's the key word. Treat your employees like they're part of your family. That's how you get your employees to view you as a friend. That's how you get your employees to help you succeed.

That's how you run a business.

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