Monday, October 23, 2006

Put Your Hands Up

Read this letter.

Now go back in time and read this blog post.

There are people that clean to steal. That is, they get this job so that they can get access to your home. The sad reality is that you can't control everything. Some people are just bad people. It was that way yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It's my job to weed out the bad people. Here's how I do it.

That being said, a bad person can sometimes look like a good person. So what happens if we hire a bad person and that person steals from you. Then we fix it.

We replace or refund whatever was stolen. That's what a real business does. That's what a professional does. That's what we did two different times. In both cases, we were guilty.

No, the law didn't convict anybody. No, there was no physical proof. Yes, we knew the customer. Yes, we believed the customer. Yes, we still serve both customers.

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