Monday, October 02, 2006

Warning: Long Cynical Post Below

Let's say that you eat at the same restaurant once per week. And for the most part, you've been satisfied. Here's the restaurant's recipe for your satisfaction.

1. Consistent service. When you order, you expect your food to be prepared correctly.
2. Quality food. When you eat it, you expect it to be good.

That's it. That's all a restaurant has to do to make you happy. Here's what we have to do to make you happy.

1. Consistent service. When you hire us, you expect a professional attitude.
2. Quality work. When you look around, you expect for everything to be cleaned.

These two ingredients for success seem to correspond to one another. But they are big differences.

1. You don't expect to receive the same waiter/waitress every time. You don't expect the same chef every time. You don't expect the same hostess every time. But you do expect the same two maids every time. Consistent service really means consistent maids.

2. You don't expect your food to be perfect every time. Even when it's not perfect, you can simply send it back to the kitchen. You've been there a hundred times and you know that this week is just a bad day for somebody back in the kitchen. But you do expect your home to be cleaned perfect every time. Quality work really means perfect work.

Sorry for the cynicism. Last week wasn't fun. We lost some great customers that had used our service for years. And we lost both of them because we made one mistake.

1. For customer #1, we sent another cleaning team to their home. Never mind that we were on time. Never mind that the work was good. The people were different. And customer #1 didn't like it. And now she's gone.

2. For customer #2, we forgot to pick up the check. We also left cleaning instructions from another customer's home. The house was clean. But customer #2 couldn't live with such mistakes. Never mind that customer #2 had never been unhappy before. Nevermind that this was our first mistake. Never mind that this was, well......a mistake. Customer #2 didn't like it. And now she's gone.

The good news is that all maid service companies play by the same rules. The bad news is that the rules set you up for failure.

Mistakes will happen. If you use us long enough, we're going to do a lousy job on your kitchen sink. If you use us long enough, we're going to forget to put your rugs back in the right place. If you use us long enough, you're also going to see how much we care.

We care about your satisfaction. We may forget your check, but we will not forget how to make you happy. We work our tails off to show you that we love your business.

I wish you could be in our office when we first get your business. It's still big news. Even today, when we get 5-10 customers daily. You mean something to us.

Do we mean something to you? Even when we mess up every now and then?

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