Monday, November 27, 2006

The ABC's Of Customer Service

It's common knowledge that children must know the alphabet before they can ever read or write. No one questions this statement because it's obvious.

But it's not obvious to your child. Your child doesn't understand the importance of the alphabet. But without knowing your ABC's, you can't do much of anything in life.

So what happens when it comes to providing customer service? The typical scenario is for the boss to send an employee to a one-day seminar on providing exceptional customer service. Some bosses like to give their employees a book on customer service. Other bosses do nothing. They just assume that you already know how to make a customer happy.

But you don't know how to make a customer happy. Because you've never been taught how to make a customer happy. You need to know the ABC's of customer service before you can ever make a customer smile on a consistent basis. The tricky part is that every industry has its own alphabet. What works in the maid service industry doesn't work in the particle characterization industry. Customers are different. Better stated, what the customer wants is different.

So what's your alphabet? Answer these questions and you'll know.

1. Who is my customer?
2. What are the biggest mistakes that my industry makes?
3. What does my customer want from me?

And if you're wondering about the ABC's of customer service for Two Maids & A Mop......

My customer is sick of her current housecleaner. My customer is sick of her housecleaner because she shows up late, or doesn't even show up at all. My customer thinks that her housecleaner is getting worse and worse over time. My customer wants me to clean her house without her having to think about it. My customer doesn't want to wait all morning for me to show up. My customer doesn't want to get a call from me in the morning saying I'm sick. My customer wants me to correct my mistakes when I make them.

Before you can start serving the customer, you need to know what the customer wants to be served.

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