Friday, November 10, 2006

Employee Number 50

Yesterday we hired our fiftieth employee. Just three years ago, we only had three employees. Times have certainly changed.

I remember plenty of days wondering how in the world we would ever make this business work. Turnover was out of control and customers didn't know that we were alive. I was frustrated.

A lot of things combined to help turn the business around. One of the biggest reasons was our pay for performance program. Not only did it decrease employee turnover, but it also created a tremendous competitive advantage. I can't believe that we're still the only cleaning company doing it.

But the pay for performance plan doesn't account for all of our success. At each location, we have managers who really believe in our business. They operate the business as if it were their own business. Some days I wonder if I get in the way because they do such a wonderful job without me. Without our managers, our business would be dead today. Thank you Colleen, Melissa, and Elicia.

I also want to thank Julie. Julie managed our Pensacola office for the first eighteen months. The worst eighteen months may be a better way to describe that period. It was chaotic everyday because we never had enough employees. Scrambling took on a new definition during those days. Without Julie, our business would be dead today.

And then there's Cheryl, Trenetta, April B., Armanda, Hazel, April F., and Pam. Each of these employees really made a difference. They all have contributed different things to our business. Many of them are still with us today. And yes.... without them, our business would be dead today.

We've come a long way in short time. I can't wait to see where we are in another three years.

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