Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Box Of Chocolates

You've heard Forrest Gump say it before. Life's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna to get until you open the box.

But what if the box was real big? What if there were just too many choices? And what if you could only eat one piece of chocolate? Which piece would you select?

That one little piece of chocolate now becomes a big decision. Because you don't want to waste your pick. So you really think about that pick. And when you finally pick that piece of chocolate....it's over. There's no need to second guess. Because you can't pick another one if you wanted to.

Now what if you selected everything just like that..... What if you could only live in one city during your life? What if you could only have one friend? What if you could only read one blog? What if you could only hire one maid?

Hire your next maid because you think that she is better than everyone else. Not because she left a piece of paper on your door. And not because she's your friend's out-of-work daughter. And not because she is cheaper than everybody else.

Hire your next maid like she's in a box of chocolates. And you only get one bite. Don't become the serial maid service hirer.

The moral of the story. Nobody's perfect. Quit searching for perfection and start looking for somebody that cares. Caring means more than perfect anyway. Because your only perfect until you mess up. That's when the caring part shows up.

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