Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A License To Clean

Imagine if your daughter didn't need to pass a test in order to drive a car? Imagine if your pharmacist didn't need to pass a test in order to prescribe your medicines? Imagine if your housecleaner had to pass a test in order to clean your home?

Most people think that housecleaning is easy. I'll be the first one to admit that it's much easier than understanding the effects of hundreds of different types of pharmaceuticals. But that doesn't mean it should be treated any differently. After all, you pay a lot of money to get your house cleaned. You should expect for that person to know what they're doing.

The current system only requires that you possess either an occupational license or business license. In many cases, neither of these licenses is required since most housecleaning work is done under the table (pardon the pun). In either case, it doesn't matter because it only takes a few bucks to get either of the two licenses. They're taxes, not licenses.

But what if your housecleaner needed to pass a test in order to get that business license? What if they had to pass this test......

1. The first step would require that the future housecleaner pay for a nationwide criminal background search. The applicant would be denied if he/she was ever convicted of a felony.

2. The second step would require that the future housecleaner pass a safety exam on certain cleaning chemicals and procedures. Some people don't know what happens when you mix ammonia with bleach. Some people don't know that little kids like to play with aerosol bottles left behind by the housecleaner.

3. The third step would require that the future housecleaner sign an ethics oath. Just like the one that your doctor has to sign. No stealing from clients. No under the table shenanigans. No sleeping on the client's couch while everybody's away.

4. The final step would require that the future housecleaner earn continuing education points each year in order to renew the license. In most cities, there are an abundance of continuing education courses focused on customer service, safety, and health.

In addition, maid service companies (like Two Maids & A Mop) would be required to submit documentation on each newly hired employee. Each of these four requirements would also be required for each newly hired employee.

Yes, this would take a lot of work. No, this wouldn't solve everything. Just because you have order doesn't mean you still don't have a little disorder. But it would help.

It would help you. It would help you know that you're hiring a real business. Not somebody's out-of-work daughter.

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  1. I want to start a cleaning business with my Colombian wife but I don't know what to do & where to go first. I live in north Scottsdale with clients in mind?
    Please any advise?