Friday, November 03, 2006

The Maintenance Cleaning

Most of our customers utilize our services at least once per month. If you schedule for your home to be cleaned at once per month, you're getting what we call a "maintenance cleaning". Many of our customers have asked that we better explain exactly what should be expected in a maintenance cleaning. So here goes.....

There are two phases to a maintenance cleaning. The first phase is to clean certain areas that are expected to be cleaned each and every time. These areas typically include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, appliances, and floors. We also should be dusting all horizontal surfaces such as counters, tables, and fan blades each time. Finally, we should be emptying all garbage cans within your home. The second phase is to conduct an inspection throughout the house of certain areas. These areas are mainly comprised of your vertical surfaces such as interior windows/blinds, baseboards, trim work, cabinets/drawers, and picture frames on walls. In addition, we should also be inspecting your light fixtures to see if they are dirty. Of course, if we find that any of these areas are dirty; we clean them.

A maintenance cleaning is not a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning is much more detailed and thorough. It's a better cleaning because we get rid of the inspection and just clean everything in your home. Of course, it's much more expensive as well. But the maintenance cleaning can be very effective as long as regular service is conducted at your home. If service is interrupted, then our maintenance cleanings become ineffective because our inspection phase should be replaced with a cleaning phase. Because more of your vertical surfaces are dirty.

There you have it. That's how we clean your home if you hire us for weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning service.

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