Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The White Van Speaker Sale

You've got several choices if you're looking to purchase stereo speakers as a Christmas gift this year. One obvious choice is to purchase the speakers from an established retail business. Another is to cruise the internet for deals. But there's another choice that's becoming more and more popular. It's the White Van Speaker Sale. And it's coming to your local gas station or mall in the very near future.

Here's how the sale works. Two guys, often wearing nice uniforms, possessing realistic looking invoices, business cards, and many of the trappings of a legitimate business, try to sell sets of speakers out of a van; it's white, because those are usually the cheapest to rent. The vans are often unmarked but occasionally have professional-looking graphics on the side which could be nothing more than temporary sticker or magnet signs. They will set up in a mall parking lot, gas station, or bank parking lots.

It's a scam. And one that works surprisingly well. Click here for stories from victims of the scam.

Now there's somebody reading this right now that thinks the white van sale sounds ridiculous. You wouldn't fall for something as silly as that right? But that same person has no problem hiring the cheapest cleaning lady she can find. After all, the cleaning lady is bonded. After all, the cleaning lady does have a business card and tons of references. And most importantly, this cleaning lady left a professional looking flyer on the door. This is a real cleaning business.

Ah uh....check outside your door. You might just see a white van sitting there.

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