Thursday, December 21, 2006

One Sentence That Says It All

"I'm not a cleaning lady anymore", proclaimed Jody Crane after she received her bachelor degree in Leisure Studies recently.

That one sentence says it all. Nobody wants to do what we do. Nobody is proud of it. Nobody likes it. Nobody thinks they'll be doing this forever. And that's exactly why the average turnover rate for a cleaning business is over 300% annually.

So what makes this job so bad? For one, you gotta clean dirty toilets several times per day. No matter how you dress it up; cleaning a dirty toilet stinks (pardon the pun). Secondly, the job has no future. It really doesn't. Sure, you could work you're way up to quality control manager, or team leader, or whatever else some companies call those positions. But you're not really going anywhere. Because you're still cleaning those same dirty toilets everyday. You're really just making a little more money. Third, the job pays crap. Imagine cleaning your house three times a day and then getting $40-$50 for your day's worth of work? That's what your cleaning lady is doing. She's working at or near minimum wage. That's a lot of work for not a lot of money.

And these are the reasons why Jody Crane hated calling herself "cleaning lady". Cleaning homes for a living has a negative persona surrounding it. It's not something you can be proud of. Not like a college degree in Leisure Studies. You can be proud of that. Even if you're not making any money with the degree yet. Because your neighbors now can look up to you. Instead of down to you.

These are the problems that we face everyday. Now we can't change the fact that you're gonna clean toilets everyday. That's what we do. But we can do something about the other two problems.

You see, money talks. Our pay for performance plan talks. You don't have to make minimum wage if you don't want to make minimum wage. In fact, you can make more than a lot of people if you want to. We've got several people that make more than $11 per hour every pay period. And while we can't offer unlimited career advancement opportunities, we can offer more money. We offer four levels of employment. Each level allows you to make more money. The top level allows you to make more than $12 per hour.

That's nearly $25,000 annually. And we're not in California, or New York, or even Orlando for that matter. We're in northwest Florida. Where the average median income is only $24,000.

Yes, our employees are cleaning ladies. Yes, they clean your toilets. But stand up and take notice. They may just be making more money than you.

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