Monday, December 04, 2006

Picking The Right Maid

Imagine two maids sitting next to one another. Also imagine 100 people standing across the room. The task is to select the maid that they want to clean their home. They don't get to ask any questions. They only get to look at them. Now imagine that one of the two maids is neatly groomed. And imagine that the other maid is not neatly groomed. In fact, she is downright dirty. Imagine her looking like the lady in the picture. The end maid has 100 new jobs and another maid is still jobless.

Imagine those same two maids on the phone. This time everybody gets to ask questions. But nobody gets to see them. But you can ask any question under the sun. Since I'm in the business, let me tell you what the most popular question will be. What do you charge? The end result....each maid gets about 50 new jobs.

It's funny what happens when your pocketbook gets involved. Personal safety, quality control, customer references....all that stuff gets thrown out the window. Because anybody can clean a home, right?

Nobody hires the cheapest dentist. Because your teeth are important.

Isn't your house important?

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  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    hello my name is katie and i would like to let you know that ive been a cleaning maid for 2yrs and im 15 if you want to know well i hope you get my comment and have a wonderful christmas to all of you bye-bye