Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sometimes They're Just Better Than Us

But most of the time, they're not. They're not better because they do so many things wrong. Like spending only thirty minutes in your 3000 square foot home. Like showing up late all the time. Like not showing up at all. That's why people select us. Because we do those things right.

But every now and again, somebody's better than us. Here's how another maid service can beat Two Maids & A Mop.

You can beat us by cleaning all the homes yourself. You can't hire anyone. You can't depend on anyone but yourself. And you've got to really enjoy the challenge of cleaning. Making that house look clean has really got to get you going. That's it. That's how you can beat us.

The good news for us is that you can't clean every house in town. The good news for us is that you are rare. And the best news is that you're not our competition. Because we can't compete with you. You're better than us.

Our competition is everybody else. Like the ones that show up late all the time. Like the ones that get pregnant and have to quit cleaning. Like the ones that get married and move away. Like the ones that miss the same things over and over again. Like the big, franchised maid service companies that spend more money on advertising than on payroll.

They're the ones we're trying to beat. Better yet, they're ones trying to beat us.

Sidenote: If you live in North Dakota, call these people. They're better than us.

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