Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Black Hole Of Housecleaners

The black hole is Craigslist. Here's a list of classified ads for housecleaners in Atlanta-Miami-Tampa-Denver-Las Vegas-Chicago. The list could go on and on. And does it ever......The point is that there's no shortage of housecleaners. They're everywhere.

And that's exactly why customers expect a lot out of their housecleaner. Because there really are limitless choices. The thought is that you can just simply hire somebody else when something doesn't go right. The problem with that thought is that something will always go wrong.

For some, hopping from one housecleaner to the next is no big deal. For others, it's a deliberate process that they wish would go away. They want to hire one housecleaner and be done with it. But they can't be done with it because they've yet to find the perfect fit.

The reality is that there is no perfect fit. Inevitably, the housecleaner is gonna show up late. Inevitably, the housecleaner is gonna forget to wipe down your window sills. Inevitably, the housecleaner is gonna have a bad day.

Inevitably, the housecleaner is gonna act like you. You know, like when your boss scolded you last year for being late one morning. You know, like when your boss met with you about a mistake you made last month. You know, like when you had a bad day this past Monday. Remember, you had to work when everybody else you knew had the day off.

The key is to remember that your housecleaner is also a person. Just like you. Yes, you are paying for a service. But so is your boss. The difference is that you're not as easily replaced.

But what if your job had a Craigslist? Then you'd be fired every time you messed up. Just like your housecleaner.

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