Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Need For A Little Small Talk

We contact our customers a lot. So much that some customers complain that we're always calling with the same questions. But those questions are important. Otherwise, we wouldn't ask them.

We didn't always talk to you this much. In fact, we didn't want to talk to you in our early days. We were afraid what you might say. But we rely on communication today. Without it, we're just like every other cleaning service. So get ready to hear from us if you decide to hire us. We really do need to talk to you in order to make you happy.

Besides, you don't want this to happen do you?

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  1. Ron,

    Do you allow your customers to choose how and when you will communicate with them?

    For example, some may prefer a phone call during the day (those who don't work outside the home)others may prefer an e-mail survey.

    Then there's frequency. Are they allowed to select how often you'll contact them?



  2. We offer our customers two options for communication. We'll either call or email before and after a cleaning. Our most desired method is email since that gives a customer the opportunity to express her thoughts in her own time. Most of our customers feel the same way.

    However, many of our customers stop responding to us after the honeymoon is over. And that's make our pay per performance plan worthless. We've asked our "no-contact" customers for alternative methods, but we've yet to figure out a better way.

    Any ideas?