Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meet Colleen

Colleen Kealey is the Operations Manager in Pensacola. Colleen's been with us for more than two years. I remember the day she walked into our office for the first time.

It was a particularly bad day. Absenteeism had reared its ugly head that day. Customers were extremely unhappy with us because we were forced to reschedule a few of them. And I had nobody to hire. Nobody good to hire that is.

Until Colleen walked in. Colleen walked in dressed nice. She brought a resume. A college degree. And a professional attitude. It was like my throwback days when I worked in the lab. Colleen seemed too good to be true. But I was desperate. And I wasn't going to let Colleen just walk away.

So I talked to Colleen about more than just housecleaning. I gave her my plans for the future. She must have thought that I was crazy. After all, she just wanted a job. A career in the housecleaning industry was the furthest thing from her mind. But alas, she bought the story.

And she worked in our Pensacola office for about two months before opening her own office in Fort Walton Beach. Colleen was instrumental in the early success of the Fort Walton Beach office. She ran the business by herself because my time was required in Pensacola. I probably averaged about 4-5 hours per week in Fort Walton beach. It was Colleen's business.

Colleen now runs our Pensacola location. The large customer and employee base had just gotten to be big for our former manager. So Colleen transferred back to Pensacola. And that's where she's at right now. And boy am I glad she's there.

She's a manager's dream. Sometimes you just get lucky. And I got lucky. I got lucky when Colleen walked in that front door. Without Colleen, we may have never opened another location. Without Colleen, we may not be where we are today.

Thank you Colleen for your dedication, loyalty, professionalism, and caring. Thank you for walking into my office.

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  1. Lucky? As Daryl Royal used to say, "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation."