Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Waiting On The Cleaning Lady

A desperate plea for the cleaning lady to arrive.

Dear The Cleaning Lady Who Never Came,

We never knew you. But you still broke our hearts. We waited for you on Monday morning with bated breath. You said you would be here. But you never came. I was even a little late for my headshrinker because of your absenteeism. I did the dishes for you so you wouldn't have to worry about such nonsense. You never called. I phoned you that night, but you didn't pick up. The money is still out on the table, next to a warm glass of milk.

This happens every morning in your neighborhood. It'll keep happening everyday because these cleaning ladies don't care. They don't care because they've got no reason to care. Your business is just too easy to get. Just charge a little less than everybody else and business is booming.

This cleaning lady knows that she can sleep in today. Because she can use the afternoon to find another victim, err....I meant customer.

It's your choice. Don't feel sorry for yourself when it happens to you.

1 comment:

  1. That was GREAT!!! I clean as an individual was trained professionaly, but I am dependable!!!

    With me it's the other way around - It's the client who is unreliable. I'm on my way out the door to clean & they call to cancel. I go to their house they're not there & I don't have they're key!!!

    Although I do hear your undependable maid story alot from my clients. There also is this man here who targets my territory with flyers. Same poles I post on who is a hit & run cleaner!

    Totally undependable!! I get his clients & he keeps putting more flyers than God up to replace his last victim.