Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Wasted Study

A recent study by researchers at the University of Washington has determined that negative behavior outweighs positive behavior. You're kidding, right?

A research project requires money. The money for this project came from someone's wallet. Did that money need to fund such a senseless project?

They could have just given that money to me. Because I've seen it firsthand. I've seen one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Take this for example:

We hired this lady who turned out to be the town gossip. Nobody's business always seemed to become her business. And she told everyone else about it. And of course, rumors always floated. And problems always arose. Inevitably, someone got upset. So we tried to coach this gossip. We tried to educate her about the consequences of her small talk. But it didn't help. So we fired her. And the internal problems plummeted.

Here's another example:

Our employees work in teams of two. Which means that two people are in the same car together for about 33% of the day, or about two hours per day. That leaves a lot of time to discuss a lot of things. And if one of those two employees is upset with the out. Because both employees will come storming into the office later that afternoon. What happens is that the upset employee just trashes the company. And the other employee wilts because of the constant negativity. It happens every time. So that's why we do our best to fix problems before the end of the day. We don't want someone stewing over an issue overnight and then feeding their problems to an otherwise happy employee during the course of the next day.

Back to the study..... The conclusions from the project are correct. But the study itself is ridiculous. It's just plain common sense.

The Most Wasted Research Dollars In America.

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