Monday, March 26, 2007

Betsy the Perfectionist

There once was this lady. We'll call her Betsy. Betsy needed someone to clean her home. Betsy needed this person because she just didn't have the time to do it any longer. For Betsy, housecleaning wasn't a luxury. It was a necessity.

So Betsy hired a housecleaner. And she wasn't happy. So Betsy hired another housecleaner. And Betsy remained unhappy. And that's when Betsy decided to give it one more try. So she called us - Two Maids & A Mop. She hired us because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. She hired us because of our pay for performance plan. She hired us thinking that all of her past problems were over.

But Betsy was wrong. We messed up. We didn't clean everything up to Betsy's standards. And Betsy was right. We had left some things undone in her home. So we decided to really go over the top and prove to Betsy that our commitment to customer satisfaction was not just some marketing slogan. So we did three things:

1. We recleaned her home free
2. We gave her a free voucher for a free housecleaning - she could use the voucher anytime that she wanted to use it
3. We provided her with details on how we were going to fix these problems so that they didn't happen again

Betsy liked this idea. So she decided to stick around. Until about two months later. Until last Thursday. That's when we messed up again. We didn't perform up to Betsy's standards. Nor did we perform up to our standards.

We know that Betsy was upset. We know that she was upset because she yelled at us over our voicemail system. We know that she was upset because she sent a email explaining her fury about our service. And she fired us.

Which is a good thing. Because we would have fired her if she hadn't fired us. You see, we had proven that we would make good when we messed up. We had also explained to Betsy that it was bound to happen again. It was just a matter of time before we made another mistake. But we were quick to point out that we fix our mistakes just as quick as we make them. And we usually go over the top when we're fixing them too.

There are some people that don't need to hire people like us. They don't need to hire anyone for that matter. They need to clean their house themselves.

Because we can promise you one thing. We're not perfect and we will make a mistake in your home at some point. When it happens, simply explain the mistake to us. And we'll fix it immediately. And more than likely, you'll be more impressed with our company's reaction to a mistake. When we make mistakes, you usually make money. Because we give you more than just a free reclean. We give you just enough to prove to you that we're just as upset with the mistake as you are.

So when it happens.....please be patient. Nobody died because of a little dust on a countertop. Nobody was hurt because of streaks on a floor. And nobody got sick because of a dirty microwave. It's housecleaning. And we can fix it.

When we mess up, remember that we're human. We make mistakes just like you.

We're not like Betsy. Nope - not at all. We're far from perfect.

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