Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Endless Cycle Of The Frustrated Customer

Musings from around the internet.....

Question. Do I have to pay for bad cleaning service?
I hired a woman to clean my house and old apartment. She said she would bring cleaning supplies and wanted about $65 for the house and $40 for the apartment. The day she was to clean the house she was late, then did not do much of anything. The floors were covered with dirt and bathrooms untouched. The best I can tell is she wiped a couple counters and windows. The next day I was scheduled to meet her at the apartment at 9am, she called at 10:30am and said she would be late, so 11am, then at 11:30 am after waiting now 2.5 hours I said forget it. She called and harassed my babysitter and now threatens small claims court because I would only pay her $30. Do I have to pay her anything?

Answer. I would say pay her the $65 for the time she was there, since you did make another appointment with her. The second time, its her fault, so you don't owe her crap for that.

Q. I want to take a cleaning company to small claims for bad service. What would be the process?
The company is located in Brandon/Valrico, Florida. They came out to clean 3 times and all 3 services were unsatisfactory. The third cleaning was with a new Maid. They were suppose to come to do a free clean and that person never showed. I asked for my money for just the last clean and they did not want to refund it, now I want for all 3 cleanings. Please let me know where I have to go and what the process is?

A. Go to the local courthouse and file the claim. It is usually $25 bucks. You can sue them for that too.

These questions were taken from a simple Yahoo search. I'd imagine that there's plenty more out there. What this tells me is that people still don't get it.

You're asking the wrong questions. Call the least professional cleaning company in the world and you'll get the same answers from the most professional cleaning company in the world. The reason is simple. You only have three questions.

- How much do you charge?
- How do you clean?
- Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Start asking these questions.........

- How can you guarantee me that you'll be on-time every time?
- How can you guarantee me that I'll be satisfied every time?

That's the only two questions you need to ask. Because we all clean the same way. Because we all are licensed, bonded, and insured. And because the only thing that separates us is price and customer service.

Pick your poison.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM


    I sure hope you've found some blogs that focus on complaining about maid service.
    Because you need to comment there as well. I think your message (especially the "price vs. service, pick your poison") is straightforward and clear.
    And have you considered volunteering to write an advice column for the local newspaper? You could take questions about housecleaning (best products to use, how to remove stains, etc.) and also answer questions about choosing a cleaning service.
    Heck, it wouldn't hurt if you talked about who really needs a cleaning service and who could get by without one.

  2. Believe it or not, we're one of only two cleaning service blogs out there. Our industry has proven to be resistant to change and blogs are just a little too Y2K for my fellow cleaners.

    I have contacted each of our three location's newspapers. But sadly, they want money. Too much money for my free advice.

    Thanks for commenting.