Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Faceless Face

He's cutting your grass right now. He's picking up your garbage right now. And she's vacuuming your floor right now. You see the same faces all the time. But you don't recognize any of them. Because they're faceless.

They're faceless because their work is mundane. It's simple. So simple that anybody can do it. And that's who's doing the work for you right now. Anybody. Anyone.

Anyone - that is - that charges you the lowest price. Because you may not recognize their face, but you most certainly recognize their cost.

At Two Maids & A Mop, we could do the same thing. We could hire faceless people. Pay'em nothing. Replace them as soon as they leave. Then replace them with another faceless person. And it would work. Because it works everyday all over this country.

It works because you let it work. You accept the beer breath from your faceless lawn guy. You accept tardiness from your faceless cleaner. You accept all these things because their benefit outweighs their cost.

Your benefit is money. You save money by hiring faceless people. That's why most cleaning companies hire faceless people. Because they're cheap. And it saves them money.

But what happens when you realize that your benefit isn't really saving you money? Then you call us. Because you're sick and tired of the same, old song and dance. Because our employees aren't faceless. They get paid based on your feedback. Your satisfaction directly determines their paycheck. And that makes you pretty darn important.

Hiring someone to do something that anyone can do seems simple. Logic tells you that you shouldn't have to pay a premium for a service that is mundane. But you're forgetting one important thing.

If the job is so simple that anyone can do it.......then anyone will do it.

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