Friday, March 30, 2007

Guts Are Ugly

There's only two reasons. And they're both pretty straightforward.

1. You become a maid because you enjoy the challenge of housecleaning.
2. You become a maid because you need a job.

Reason #1 happens. There a select few people out there that really enjoy cleaning for a living. Cleaning isn't degrading to them. Cleaning isn't mundane to them. Cleaning is rewarding. Cleaning is fun. And it doesn't hurt that cleaning produces money to boot. If you find someone that enjoys the art of cleaning, pay them whatever they ask. Because you've found a needle in a haystack.

Reason #2 happens too. It happens often. It happens so often because cleaning doesn't require an education or specialized skill. And it happens because getting a cleaning job isn't that difficult. Don't believe me? Here's your challenge....

Pick up your area yellow pages directory. Call all the cleaning companies in the directory and ask them if they're hiring. They're hiring. And they're hiring today. Because somebody in their company quit today. And because they know that somebody is going to quit next week.

Turnover is rampant in our industry. Two Maids & A Mop is no different. We have employee turnover just like the everybody else. And yes, we're hiring today in all three locations. And we'll be hiring next week too. That's the nature of our business. That's the facts of our business. People quit. People quit because cleaning isn't a career. It's a one-way street. And one-way streets all lead to the same place.

If I were you, I'd search for that elusive cleaner who loves to clean. But the problem is that she has her limits. One problem is that she's hard to find. But the bigger problem is that she's already been found. And she's booked solid.

So you're probably stuck with us. But we're not all that bad. We show up on-time every time. We let you determine our employees' paycheck. We communicate with you every step of the way. And we do a pretty good job of cleaning too.

Yes, most of our employees work here because they need a job. Yes, we lose employees from time to time. And yes, the guts of our business aren't all that pretty.

But guts are supposed to be ugly.

So stop thinking about our ugly guts and start thinking about our pretty face. Because that's what you'll be seeing when you hire us. Ugly guts with a pretty face.

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