Friday, March 23, 2007

Licensing or Limiting

You tell me. Does a professional license promote the growth of an industry? Or does professional licensing simply limit the growth of an industry?

Read this article about the licensing of interior decorators in New Mexico. It sounds silly, but you can be fined for decorating a home without a professional license in New Mexico.

I think that professional organizations are more important than professional licenses. Imagine a housecleaning association that only allowed companies with requirements that met certain ethical, moral, safety, and quality control guidelines. Now only a few member companies would be eligible. But there wouldn't be any type of licensing. The only benefit the member company would receive is acknowledgement that they belong to the group. No, I'm not talking about a simple association. Simple associations just want your money. They're glorified unions.

I'm talking about an association that has no power. Nothing. No muscle to lobby Congress. It serves one purpose - to make sure that its member companies are adhering to the association's bylaws.

You could still clean a home without being part of the association. Nobody should be punished for doing the same thing that our forefathers did. Nobody should ever be punished for simply being a capitalist.

Anybody can do what you do. You're not the only pilot. You're not the only plumber. And you're definitely not the only housecleaner. It's called competition.

Somebody's gotta lose. But somebody's gotta win too. It's up to you to decide who wins and loses. You shouldn't be able to rely on your government to determine your competitive marketplace.

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