Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meet Elicia

Here I am typing away in my office at home. Meanwhile, there's about thirty-six cleaners out there headed your way. Right to your front door. Ready to make your life a little bit easier. 36 employees! And I'm sitting here typing. How in the world do I get away this? Because I have three unbelievable managers. I've already spotlighted Colleen and Melissa. Now it's Elicia's turn.

Elicia Coff is the Operations Manager for our Fort Walton Beach location. Elicia used to be one of our cleaners. Just like Colleen and Melissa. But Elicia didn't clean for long. Just like Colleen and Melissa. It was obvious that Elicia was able to handle more responsibility. At the time, Colleen was running the show in Fort Walton Beach. However, Colleen lived in Pensacola. And Colleen wanted to run the show in Pensacola. But we didn't have a real good answer because we didn't have anyone to replace Colleen. Then came Elicia.

Elicia cleaned for maybe two months before we decided that she was ready to tackle the job of being boss. And we've never looked back. Until now that is.

Elicia has taken a small cleaning business and transformed it into a real, legitimate cleaning business. Some would even call her location a large cleaning business. Elicia manages thirteen employees on a daily basis. She cradles countless numbers of customers on a daily basis. And she manages to withstand one overly stressed man every day. Yeah, I'm talking about me.

Take a look at what Elicia has contributed to our company:

- We relocated our office about one year ago. Elicia (along with her husband) voluntarily relocated everything. Her husband painted. Her husband removed sheetrock. She reorganized everything. And she found the office to boot. All for free. All without me doing one thing.
- Elicia gets all the crap work. She gets all the crap work because her office is in the middle. So she knows a little bit about Pensacola. And she knows a little bit about Panama City. So when Colleen or Melissa step out of the office, guess who gets their phones? Elicia. There's times when Elicia is answering every call from Pensacola to Panama City.
- Right now, Elicia is saving my life. Melissa is on vacation. And I'm in Gulf Breeze. About 100 miles away. But Elicia is handling everything for me. She's running Panama City and she's running her own office as well. And all I'm doing is typing. Man am I lucky.
- Elicia has contributed many ideas that have been put to use. For example, it was her idea to get our business involved in the Christmas parade. She did everything- again. I did nothing- again.

Thank you Elicia for all your hard work. You're dedicated to the success of your location. And it shows everyday. Keep up the hard work and keep making me look good.

One thing about all three managers for my company is that I don't look at them as my employees. Their much more than that. Their my partners. We're in this thing together.

Six Questions With Elicia Coff

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