Friday, March 02, 2007

Meet Melissa

It was a bad day. The manager for our newest location had just been terminated. I was depressed. Sick. Tired. And scared. I was scared that the business wouldn't make it because I didn't have anybody qualified to hire to replace the manager.

So I started thinking. Which of our current employees had an entrepreneurial spirit? Which of our current employees could I depend on to open the office every day? Which of our current employees did I trust the most? And it was the same answer every time. It was Melissa.

Melissa Teaver is the Operations Manager for our Panama City location. The location started off with a bang, but sales were pretty much stagnant for months after the grand opening. We were bleeding money. And nobody seemed to know that we existed.

We had poured thousands of dollars into advertising and employee training. But the ball hadn't even thought about rolling yet. So we decided to start over. And that's when we hired Melissa. And that's when the business started to prosper.

Melissa has been our manager since October 2006. It's only been about five months. But she has absolutely transformed the business since her arrival. Here's just a few of her remarkable contributions to the company.

- Melissa has willingly worked on many Saturdays to cold-call potential customers.
- Melissa has spent hundreds of hours folding, stuffing, and mailing direct mail letters to potential customers.
- Melissa asked to join the local Chamber of Commerce. Her local involvement in the community has been her greatest contribution.
- Melissa has spent countless hours with me brainstorming new ideas.
- Melissa consistent dedication to her work has given me more time to concentrate on growth opportunities.

Long story short, Melissa works. And she works hard. She's dependable. Honest. Sincere. And just like Colleen. She's a manager's dream employee.

Thank you Melissa. Thank you for all your hard work. You're the only reason that our newest location is finally out of the red.

Six Questions With Melissa Teaver.

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