Friday, March 16, 2007

Our Equipment

One of the perks of hiring a legitimate cleaning service is that the company will provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. Two Maids & A Mop is no different. We bring everything. And here's what you can expect when we walk inside your front door.

We'll start with what we usually end with - the vacuum. We use the Carpet Pro CPU-2 vacuum. It's been a relatively good vacuum. Much better than our last one. Our last vacuum broke everyday. The fan inside the vacuum caught everything (even little tiny dust particles) and the fan abruptly broke everyday. Click on this link for more information about our vacuum.

Our glass cleaner is called Sprayway. It's streak free. It's ammonia free. And it works great. Click here for more information about Sprayway.

We clean your hard surface floors in a variety of ways. The most popular method involves using a deodorizer called Boardwalk. It smells good. It cleans good. It disinfects. And it's harmless. Click here for more information on Boardwalk. Vinegar is the preferred choice for many customers because it is the ultimate cleaner. The biggest problem with vinegar is its smell. It stinks and it doesn't give off that fresh smell everyone is looking for when they walk into their home.

We disinfect your bathrooms with a product called Lemon-Q. It is used by many of the area hospitals and that's why we use it. We don't use any bleach products. Bleach is just too dangerous. Click here for more information on Lemon-Q.

Our all-purpose cleaner is called Clean-All. We use it mostly in your kitchen. There is no direct link on the internet, but it's similar to Fantastik. Click here for information on a similar product.

To dust your furniture, we use Kleen Guard. It has a lemon scent and it has proven to be the best available option in its price range. Click here for more information on Kleen Guard.

And finally, we use E-Z Off to clean your ovens. Many of you have self-cleaning ovens and this product is safe for your oven. Click here for more information on E-Z Off Oven Cleaner.

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