Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Glad You're Here Now

From one of our satisfied customers...............

"I really enjoy the two girls that service my home. They are wonderful. In my opinion, I think you have such a wonderful company that provides excellent service for which this area so desperately needs.

I can recall when I initially inquired about Two Maids & A Mop. I was listening to the radio and decided to give your company a call. I must admit I was hesitant at first because now a days one has to be very careful in letting people that you don't know into your home. However, I decided to take a chance to see for myself. I figured that that I would find out if your company lived up to the expectations that was described on the radio.

I even put these two girls to the test by setting out baits to see if they were honest and yes they passed with flying colors. I've become so comfortable with the two girls that I have begun to feel like they are part of my family and now feel as though I don't want anyone else to clean my place. They were very professional and clean with excellence.

It makes a great difference when some of the loads of cleaning can be taken off me since I am a student taking classes online to further my degree. When I schedule my appointment I only request the two girls because I have connected a bond and I don't refer them as the cleaning ladies but as professionals who clean my home. When you interview these two ladies you chose the right ones for your company. They are truly dependable, kind, thoughtful and they know my name - which is a plus.

If a concerns comes up or a question I may have they communicate to me professionally and give me an open eye contact when answering any questions or concerns that I may have. In my book, these two ladies are a 10+ because of their mannerism and the consistency in doing a fantastic job in cleaning my home. I now tell everyone at my work about Two Maids & A Mop and the wonderful job that these ladies do for me. I am forever thankful for your company and the two ladies but I just have one question to ask you?

Where was Two Maids & A Mop when I needed you so long ago? Never-the-less, I am so glad that you are here now.

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