Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Minivan And The Maid

You were rich if you hired a maid twenty years ago. Maids were considered luxuries. In the same class as a Roll Royce. A status symbol.

Today, you need to hire a maid because most of you are just too busy to clean your house. You've got loads of work in front of you. You've got activities planed with your kids in front of you. And the weekend has become more about work than pleasure. So the thought of spending 2-3 hours cleaning house every week has taken a back seat to all of your other obligations. Today, your maid is in the same class as a minivan. A necessary evil.

The minivan is a ubiquitous symbol today. You own one if you have a family. You need one if you have a family. The minivan's biggest attribute is that it provides you with enough space to fit everybody and everything in it. But the minivan has changed over the last few years. You can get TV monitors attached to the backs of seats. You can get DVD players controlled by a remote control. You can get a big engine. You can even get reading lamps if you want them. All for a price of course.

So you buy a minivan because you need the extra space. But you pick the minivan because of all sorts of other things. Think about your maid for a while.

You hired a maid because you need your house cleaned. But why did you really hire your maid?

Rates are an important topic. In fact, that's all most people even care about when they call us for help. That's their first question. The funny thing is that consumers thought this same way about minivans not too long ago. And the only reason consumers think differently today is because the minivan industry started offering alternatives.

That's what Two Maids & A Mop is. We're an alternative right now. Our pay for performance plan speaks for itself. At some point, the maid service industry may wake up and realize that being the alternative works. But until we become standard, we'll keep winning.

Thank goodness that the maid service industry is slower than the minivan industry. It makes me look smart.

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