Friday, April 27, 2007

Tips On Finding A Great Cleaner

Here's an article that provides you with tips on finding the best cleaning staff for your office.

The article could just as easy have been written for homeowners searching for the right maid. Here's some tidbits.......

"If you visit a bank or other office that's sparkling clean — don't be shy. Ask an employee if they're happy with their cleaners and see if you can get the phone number"
----Ask your neighbors about their maid. A neighbor's recommendation is much more valuable than a big ad in the yellow pages.

"If you suspect one company is a bit more professional and has better equipment but they charge a bit more, you won't regret paying that little extra."

----You get what you pay for.

"What I usually do when things start going bad with cleaners is to hand out anonymous comment forms to employees," she says. "I compile the complaints and send them to the company."
----You value your maid service more when you know that they're listening to you.

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