Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Unreputable Cleaning Company

Carlos Diaz broke the law when he crossed the border and took a job as an office janitor. Click Here For The Rest Of The Story.

The article talks mostly about how many of the country's illegal immigrants have started paying taxes to the IRS. But that's not the important part of the story. No, the important part of the story deals with the fact that so many cleaning companies hire so many bad people.

When you compete in the "I'm Cheaper Than You" world, this is what you get. Because somebody will always be cheaper than you. Now how they get to be cheaper than you is a different story.

A reputable cleaning company has to purchase loads of insurance. A reputable cleaning company has to pay payroll taxes. A reputable cleaning company has to provide workers' compensation. A reputable cleaning company has to pay city, county, state, and federal taxes. The bottom line is that a reputable cleaning company has to pay a lot more than an unreputable cleaning company.

But many people don't care. Because the name of the game is money. And if you're cheaper than the reputable cleaning company, so be it. After all, it's just cleaning. Anybody can do it.

And anybody does do it. Convicted felons. Illegal immigrants. Fugitives on the run. All because they know that somebody will hire them. Somebody will hire them because they'll work for nothing. And that's exactly what is needed. Because to get new business, an unreputable cleaning company has got to be cheaper than everybody else.

The fact is that you can never be sure. Look at yesterday's horrible shootings on the Virginia Tech campus. Virginia Tech is a great school. They don't just let anybody in. So I'm assuming that this murderer had proven that he was intelligent enough to handle the stresses of campus life. But yesterday proved otherwise.

Cleaning companies are in the same boat. We conduct nationwide criminal background checks on all of our employees. We interview each one before they're hired. And we send them out with one of our training managers to determine if they are suitable for our workplace. But they are strangers to us. But we do know their history. And history tends to repeat itself. But our system isn't yet perfect. People with clean backgrounds can still do some crazy stuff.

But it's a lot closer to perfect than just hiring anybody that will work. And that's what many unreputable cleaning companies are doing right now. They're hiring for one reason. Because the person will work for nothing.

The moral of this story..........

Don't just pick your next maid because she's cheap. Don't say no to her because she's cheap either. Ask her questions. Conduct reference checks. Perform a background check. Basically, do what every other reputable cleaning company does. Make sure that the stranger you are hiring has not done strange things in the past.

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