Thursday, May 31, 2007

Customer Service By The Book

We've got procedures. We've got rules. And we have policies related to our customer service strategy. It's all in our operating manual.

But we don't have a set answer for every customer service situation. Because every situation is different. Each of our managers knows that she has full authority to do whatever she thinks is necessary to make a customer happy.

Sometimes that means providing a discount for mistakes made in a previous cleaning visit. Sometimes that means providing a full refund. Sometimes that means going the extra mile to thank a customer for a referral. Every situation is different. And every response is different too.

The only rule of thumb that we have is that our response should always exceed the expectations of the customer. If the customer thinks she should receive 50% off her next cleaning, then she'll probably get 75% off her next visit.

You hired us to clean your house. That's really all you thought you needed. But the root of every satisfied cleaning visit starts with customer service. And there's no reason to think that every root should create the same kind of tree.

If you use us long enough, you'll see it firsthand. Because we're going to mess up. And we mess up, expect to be satisfied. Yes, you'll be satisfied if you let us satisfy you. No, we have no idea how we'll satisfy you.

We'll just wait until it happens. It's worked for us this long. No reason to change now.

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