Monday, May 21, 2007

Fighting Crime Using Pay For Performance

"Police Chief Terry Lewis said he has yet to see a pay-for-performance system that works best for law enforcement."

That's what was said in this article in a Florida newspaper recently.

His argument, "If police officers were paid for performance, which one would get a raise -- the one who patrolled the streets and wrote 30 speeding tickets, the one who caught a car burglar, the one who handed out anti-drug certificates to students, or the one who helped an elderly woman check her home after she heard a suspicious noise?"

The answer is staring at you in the face. Pick a job - any job. Find out what benefit that job provides and then reward that employee when the benefit is reached.

For a cop, the benefit is reduced crime and increased safety. One cop doesn't make a police department. So make the whole department accountable. From the guy sitting at his desk to the guy working the streets.

If a cleaning service can make something as subjective as your opinion work, I'm pretty sure that a police department can make it work too.

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