Friday, May 11, 2007

The Four Steps To Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying a customer doesn't start when we start cleaning your home. It doesn't end when we're finished cleaning your home either. Here's how it works...

Educating The Customer
Our front door can either be our telephone or computer. Those are the two places that you'll first be introduced to Two Maids & A Mop. It's our job to educate you about the housecleaning industry as a whole. It's our job to educate you about the reasons we're better than any other cleaning service that you'll call. And it's also our job to provide you with an outline of our service package.

Communicating With The Customer
Ok, you've spoken to us about our service. You know the price. You know about our pay for performance program. You know what to expect when we knock on your door in a few days. But the communication process doesn't stop with your first contact. The next step is to contact you one day before your initial cleaning visit. The goal of this step is to confirm everything that we discussed during our first contact. We want to make sure that you know what we'll be doing and we also want to make sure that we know what you expect us to accomplish.

Cleaning The House
This stage speaks for itself. But there are a few things that we need to do besides just clean house. Our goal is to provide a mistake free housecleaning. However, mistakes are bound to happen at some point. So it's our job to prove to you that our mistakes can be corrected very easily. We leave a checklist that details each cleaner's role in clean your house. We leave a card detailing the benefits of our pay for performance program. And we leave another card that tells you what to do if you notice a mistake.

Communicating With The Customer - Again
So the house has been cleaned. But our work is far from done. The next step is to make sure that you're happy. So we either call or email for your feedback. We do this every time for every customer. No matter if we clean your house once a week or once a year. We need to know if you're satisfied because our employees paycheck is 100% dependent on your satisfaction level.

This process works. But the process has to be delivered each and every time. It needs to be consistent. Consistency breeds satisfaction. Satisfaction breeds word of mouth referrals. A word of mouth referral breeds a new customer. And a new customer starts the four steps all over again.

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