Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meet April

April has worked in our Fort Walton Beach location for more than one year. She's been a tremendous asset to our company since her arrival. For the past year, April has trained every single new employee that we have hired. Turnover in Fort Walton this past year was at an all-time low. And April is one of the primary reasons for our low turnover.

April's job isn't to just educate a new employee on the art of dusting. April also has to be our greatest ambassador. She's got to sing our praises all the time because every new employee needs to be reassured that our business is a good place to work. April has also served as our primary replacement for Elicia.

The best news of all is that April is expecting a new baby soon. Now her son will get to have a little brother to aggravate every day. Congratulations April!!!

April, you deserve nothing but good things. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

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