Friday, June 15, 2007

And The Beat Goes On

Dear Annie: I've had the same cleaning lady for over 20 years, with no problems until the last two. Lately, I have been missing jewelry and blouses. My husband couldn't believe "Corinne" was taking anything until one of his expensive gadgets went missing.

We are both in declining health and must have help in the home, as we cannot do it ourselves. I know Corinne is taking advantage of this. She is an excellent worker, but she always carries a large purse and it's easy to walk out with things.

What should I do? I'm afraid if I confront her about these missing items, she will quit. I've hidden my expensive jewelry, but even so, things continue to disappear. Any suggestions? — No Name, No State

Dear No Name: It's possible you are mistaken about the stealing, so first approach Corinne and say, "I can't seem to locate my pearl earrings. Can you find them for me?" This gives her notice that you are aware things are missing, and it provides an opportunity for her to "discover" them without making accusations. If she doesn't do so and things continue to disappear, it's time to find a new cleaning person or hire a cleaning service. We know you are accustomed to Corinne, but apparently, she costs more than you intended to pay.

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Corinne may not have stolen the jewelry. However, the fact that the customer can't even quiz her employee on the disappearance proves that something is terribly wrong. I wonder if all those years of paying $10 less makes up for the lost jewelry today?

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