Monday, June 25, 2007

Hiding The Maid

Every now and then we get involved in sticky domestic situations. After all, we are working in your house. So witnessing an argument or seeing something you shouldn't see is bound to happen.

Just last week we were caught in a sticky situation. We walked into the home ready to clean. However, the husband didn't know that we were supposed to be there. And he definitely didn't know that he was supposed to pay us for the work. So he told us to leave because we were at the wrong house.

Now we knew we were at the right house. We had been going there for weeks. But the husband was never home. He was always working. But he was home for lunch this day. And his wife wasn't.

It turns out that his wife had been hiding the maid from her husband. And now we have one less customer. And now his wife has one more chore to add to her list.

This isn't the first time. It's happened a few times before and it always ends the same way. We lose the customer. And it has nothing to do with our work.

There's no real moral to the story. It just stinks because we earned the business. And we kept earning it every time we cleaned the house. Life isn't fair all the time.......

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