Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Staying Connected....

Imagine that your favorite band is coming to town next week. You've been following this band for several years now. You know all the words. You know all the band members. You even know their story- how they got started- why they're popular now, etc.

The band is planning on playing in the amphitheatre downtown. On your way to the concert, you notice a flyer posted on a light pole. It's an advertisement for a cover band that plays all the same songs as your favorite band. And they're playing right across the street from the amphitheatre. And of course, the tickets for the cover band are a lot less than tickets at the amphitheatre.

So what's your decision? Do you save the money and listen to the same songs across the street? Or do you cross the street and see the real deal?

Only you know the answer. Economics doesn't normally get weighed as heavily when you have a connection with something. Of course, economics gets weighed heavily when you are not connected to something.

That's what happens every day with our customers. They see the ads on the light poles. They know that we're not the only game in town. And they know that our rates are higher too. What keeps them coming back is the connection.

We're connected because our customers know that we care. They know that we listen. They know that we want to communicate. That's keeps us connected.

And as long as we're connected we'll have customers. And as long as we have customers we'll keep trying to stay connected.

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