Monday, July 16, 2007

The One Time Housecleaning

Let's assume that you're having a big party this weekend. You've got loads of things to accomplish before Saturday and one of those things just happens to be cleaning the house.

But you don't have the time so you decide to hire a maid. So you pull out the yellow pages and start dialing. At some point, you call Two Maids & A Mop.

When you call us, we educate you on the two types of services that we can perform if you only need us one time.

The most detailed service is called a deep cleaning. Some call it a spring cleaning. It is a top to bottom cleaning and you can expect a lot of detail. The problem with a deep cleaning is that it is sometimes too expensive for you.

So we offer you another one-time service. We offer a general housecleaning that is pretty straightforward. You receive two maids for two hours. You determine what areas should be cleaned during that two hours. The best way to make this type of cleaning work for you is to provide us with a priority list that ranks the areas most important to you. This ensures that we won't clean your windows when you really want us to clean your baseboards.

Most of our customers require our services at least once every two weeks. But there are many people that only need us once per year. You're just as important to us.

And who knows, our commitment to customer satisfaction may just cause you to hire us more than once per year.

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