Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Florence Johnston

You may remember Florence. She was George and Weezie's housekeeper. She lived in their luxury Upper East Side apartment. Every single day.

Florence cooked. Florence served food. Florence cleaned the dishes. Florence answered the door. And Florence cleaned the house.

Florence became like family. She went shopping with Weezie. She slept in her own bedroom. She invited dates over to the apartment. And she made repeated jokes about George.

Now it's obvious that The Jefferson's was a sitcom. It wasn't real life. Not even close. But it can leave you with one big impression.

You see, George couldn't fire Florence. George couldn't fire her because Florence was too close to the family. She was family. And you can't possibly throw a family member out of the house. That's just not right.

So George was stuck. He was stuck listening to the same jokes day after day. He was stuck waiting on his food. He was stuck answering the door for himself. And he was stuck paying Florence for nothing.

All because she became part of his family. And it can happen to you too.

Your housekeeper is your employee. You are your housekeeper's customer. At some point, human nature takes over. And when it takes over, forget about discipline. Forget about professionalism. Because it's too late.

Your employee is now your friend.

Or, you could just hire a professional cleaning service. Maybe even one called Two Maids & A Mop.

You're always our customer. And it's our job to make you happy. Every time.

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