Monday, August 20, 2007

How To Raise The Value Of Your Home

In a nutshell...keep it clean.

One of our cleaning packages is called a "Move In/Out Cleaning". Obviously, people select this package when they are either moving into or out of their home. The home is empty, except for certain appliances. Here's what we'll clean during a move in/out cleaning.

  • inside/outside of cabinets and drawers
  • inside/outside of appliances
  • full, detailed cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and common areas
  • interior windows and blinds
  • sliding glass doors and tracks
  • vertical surfaces such as baseboards, molding, trim work, and doors
  • vacuum carpets
  • sweep and mop hard surface floors
  • pick up any loose trash or garbage

You can expect a lot with this type of cleaning. And it really transforms your home. However, you've either already sold or bought the house when you select this type of cleaning package.

The real estate market is in a major decline right now. With so much inventory, little things can go a long way in separating your home from the next home on the MLS. Keeping your home clean has been proven to enhance the image of your home. And the image of your home goes a long way in determining the value of your home.

Check out this article that details how keeping a clean house translates into extra dollars for your home.

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