Monday, September 24, 2007

High Five

Once a month, we send out a newsletter that awards a free deep cleaning to one lucky visitor to our website. We usually ask our newsletter subscribers to answer a simple question regarding our business and its practices. There's no need to bore you with a sample question-you get the picture.

Anyway, here's a response from one of our subscribers last week....

"I am not really entering your monthly sweepstakes (thanks to your generosity I still have my free 2 hour coupons) but this monthly giveaway and the one you have below are just another example of a great business plan. Two Maids and a Mop involves the customer directly in the business. You offer incentives for good work by basing wages on effectiveness. The Customer does the rating. Management sends out newsletters to keep the customers informed. If anyone ever asks me about maid service, Two Maids & a Mop is the only one I recommend because I know I will not be embarrassed by either the personnel, quality of service, or customer service."

Now that's what I call a testimonial. Unsolicited. Straight from the customer's mouth. And humbling to say the least.

How about you joining in on the fun? Click here if you would like to enter our monthly free housecleaning giveaway.

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