Thursday, September 06, 2007

Remember These Three Points

You're going to hire us one day. It may be that you hire us today. Or it may be that you don't hire us until several months from now. But you're going to hire us at some point.

You're going to hire us because you're going to get sick of your current housecleaner. She's going to start showing up late on a regular basis. She's going to start becoming too close to your family. She's going to start missing the same things over and over again. And she may even just quit showing up one day. That day is coming. And when it does, you'll call us.

So when that day comes, remember these three important points about Two Maids & A Mop.

1. You will not receive the same person each and every time.

This is how we lose the majority of our customers. Everybody wants the same person in their home. Heck, so do we. But the reality is that we can't do it. There are just too many variables for us to overcome. Vacation, sick time, and most importantly, employee turnover. Nobody makes housecleaning a career. And we don't blame any of our employees for leaving. People need to have ambition. How can we get upset with someone that decides to leave our business for a more lucrative business? The fact is that our compensation system is far better than the average cleaning company. But the larger fact is that we can't compete with some businesses. Some businesses are able to trounce our compensation system. And when that happens, we're happy for our former employee. That's what makes our country so great. There's always a way to get ahead. It's up to you to decide how far you want to go in life.

2. You will get sick and tired of our constant need for your input.

Our pay for performance plan works because it gives our employees a reason to care about making you happy. Of course, the only person that knows if you're happy is you. And the only way that we can know if you're happy is to talk to you. Every time. So we're going to contact you after each and every housecleaning. We do this because we care about your opinion. And we do this because your opinion is the only thing that separates us from everybody else. Without your feedback, we're just like everybody else.

3. You will be inundated with countless offers that promise to beat our price and our service.

Your mailbox will have a flyer in it one day. Your doorknob will have one too some day. The reason for all these flyers is because there's a new cleaning business born everyday. A cleaning business is cheap to start. For some, there is no overhead. In other words, the money that you pay them is 100% profit. With no overhead, it's pretty easy to beat our prices. Of course, there's a reason you decided to hire us in the first place. Make sure that you keep remembering that because you will forget it somewhere down the road. You'll forget it because we'll do so many things right. We'll show up on time every time. We'll correct our mistakes when you tell us about them. We'll call you after each cleaning to determine your satisfaction level. We'll do a lot of things that no other cleaning service has ever done for you before. We do all these things because you're our customer. You're not just another attempt to make some easy money. And most importantly, remember this. If it's easy to start, it's just as easy to quit. That's why your last maid quit showing up....

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