Monday, October 01, 2007

The Pay For Performance Plan - Explained

If you are one of our customers, then you get this little reminder every time we clean your home. But you're probably not one of our customers. That's why you're reading this in the first place. So why not read this and then maybe you'll understand why someone would decide to hire us.......

One of the most common questions that we receive is the question, “Why do you think you’re better than all the other cleaning services in town?” It’s a valid question because the fact is most cleaning companies say that they are better than everybody else. What makes Two Maids & A Mop so different?

It all boils down to three little words: pay for performance. That’s what makes us different. We pay our employees based on our customers feedback. The happier our employees make you; the more money they’re able to make with our company. It’s a simple concept. But the funny thing is that we’re still the only cleaning company around that does business in this manner.

Most cleaning companies pay their employees on a commission basis. A commission is defined as payment received as a result of a sale. The more sales you make; the more money you make. So what does that tell you about most of the cleaning industry? It’s in the employees best interest to clean as many homes as possible so that they can earn more money. Now there’s nothing wrong with that idea. People should want to earn more money.

The problem is that the speed of the cleaning directly affects the quality of the cleaning. Our employees get paid like every other job. They clock in for their day’s work in the morning and they clock out when they are finished for the day. However, our employees hourly rate is determined by you - the customer. You rate each cleaning on a scale from 1-10. The rating that you provide is applied to a pay scale. And that’s how our employees get paid.

Just think of it this way. The pace of our cleaning doesn’t really matter. It’s the quality of our cleaning that matters the most. Now get ready to get impressed by our professionalism. You’ve never encountered another cleaning service like Two Maids & Mop.

That’s why we get to call ourselves “The Most Customer Friendly Housecleaning Company In The World”. And that’s why we think that we’re better than any other cleaning service in town.

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